Monday, February 1, 2010

Why Don't Teenage Girls in England Cycle Anymore?

This fabulous, fabulous documentary has been making major headlines on the internet recently. Released last month to critical acclaim, Beauty and the Bike asks why teenaged girls in Darlington, England no longer ride bicycles, yet their German contemporaries in the city of Bremen still do by the thousands. Apparently, it all comes down to two factors  -

1) Safety - Wow, no big surprise there. Girls interviewed said they felt nervous and threatened by England's very auto-dependent and car-centric culture, which in turn made them reluctant to try bicycling (alas, as a girl who grew up in England, I can understand their hesitation...).

2) Fashion - The girls were in strong unison here. Suuuure, they would consider giving bicycling a go, if only they saw more chic, fashionable girls out on bicycles to inspire them first. Apparently, lightning-bolt-Lance-Armstrong-wannabe-dudes careening around in ugly neon spandex just isn't that inspiring to teenage girls. Gosh. Fancy that!

It just goes to show that the more people out there who just be themselves and express their individuality by cycling in their regular, gorgeous clothes, the more of the next generation we might just happen to encourage to give bicycling a try! 


Sunday, January 31, 2010

Glampuss Ahoy

It's so incredibly rare that I flip through a fashion magazine and come across an outfit that I utterly adore and also find remotely wearable. As a cyclist, I've noticed I frequently find myself subconsciously pooh-poohing almost any outfit I see that doesn't allow me to a) pedal through a rainstorm; b) stagger frantically after a bus; or c) flee hysterically from a crazed ninja.  

Here's a couple of magazine spreads I tore out a couple of years back from Glamour and Teen Vogue, respectively. (Yes. Teen Vogue. So shoot me. Nashville International Airport wasn't exactly renowned for its extensive stockage of the New Yorker and Harper's back when I frequented it in 2005. And airports are funny places! I swear they brainwash you! You find yourself thinking.... "I need to buy some cough sweets...... and...... some tartan duty-free tea-towels...... and...... a map of Belgium....... and...... a six dollar pack of M&Ms...... and...... a two-foot teddy bear from the video arcade...... and...... a magazine designed for a readership eight years' younger than me!" etc etc) But to digress. What I love about these photospreads all is that they all feature chic, everyday clothes and footwear a girl could comfortably bicycle in, day in, day out looking totally fabulous. Squeee! Enjoy!



PS. Ahem. Yeah, and then there was that totally kickass pirate costume Admit you love it really, or ye be walkin the plank to Davy Jones' locker, argh!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Zut alors, bikespiration!

Gorgeous autumn day for a ride along the Seine. Pretty, pretty pic via Anthony Rojas.